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by / Wednesday, 21 June 2017 / Published in Agent Profiles
Steven Thurman
Business Development
Valor Lending Group
‘Pride in Lending’
Diamond View Tower
350 10th Ave – 10th Floor
San Diego, CA
Direct: (858) 784-0575
Office: (619) 344-2640
Fax: (619) 872-2400
Steve Thurman began his professional career at the age of 12 as a traveling magician where he learned the art of theater and entertainment. By the age of 17 he had numerous awards including 3 from the State of Missouri for the virtue of Enterprise and 2 from the National Young Achiever program.

In 2001, Thurman started a small business producing youth conferences and live events. Thurman later started a separate business creating wedding videos and event videography. In 2008 he was contracted by
MySQL and Sun Microsystems to combine his knowledge of theater, event production, and videography and produce the multi million dollar “All Company Meeting” in Orlando Florida. Thurman produced every aspect of
this event including venue procurement, lighting, staging, theming, audio, video, and entertainment.

In 2010 Thurman merged all of his skills and knowledge into one company, New Standard Creative Agency, which would produce complete marketing solutions for businesses large and small. As Director of a small creative firm, Thurman wore many hats and played an integral part in the planning, execution, and delivery of every project.

In 2013 Steve took an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. He closed his creative firm and moved to California where he sought out 2 of the more prestigious brands in America – Apple and Restoration Hardware. Thurman trained in the art of customer service and education during his time with Apple and he developed powerful leadership prowess and financial analysis expertise working with Restoration Hardware. Thurman now uses the professional skills he has developed over the past 22 years to deliver exceptional service to individuals and corporations of all sizes.

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