Real Estate Investors! Doing Multiple Fix and Flips? We have one of the BEST Line of Credit options Available


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Real Estate Investors! Doing Multiple Fix and Flips? We have one of the BEST Line of Credit options Available

Line of credit based on your current liquidity and the net proceeds from investment properties (fix and flip or rentals) SOLD in the past 5 Years.


Is the Fix and Flip LOC right for you?

  1. The Fix & Flip LOC is designed for investors who need funding for multiple flips and renovations.
  2. Inexperienced investors can get started by renovating one property to qualify for a larger Exposure Limit.
  3. The Fix & Flip LOC also allows New Construction financing on the same limit.
  4. All Fix & Flip LOC’s allow investors to close quickly.

Real Estate Investors Fix and Flip Line of Credit

  1. Eligible Properties: Single Family, Condo, Townhouse, 2-4 Unit, Mixed Use
  2. Max LTC: 90.00%
  3. Max LTV ARV: 75.00%
  4. Rates start in the high 6’s
  5. 12 months interest only
  6. Interest as Disbursed
  7. Reimbursement Draw
  8. 3 Months interest guarantee
  9. Liquidity Verification: Two most recent statements for any account needed to meet the requirement
    Acceptable accounts include: checking, savings, and money market accounts; CD’s; brokerage
  10. Track Record Experience Validation: Funding source will attempt to validate the experience listed on the track
    record. We may need to request documents to assist with that validation, as needed.

Bridge properties (no rehab) using Line of Credit:

  1. Content Max LTC: 90.00%
  2. Max LTV As-Is: 75.00%
  3. 12 months interest only
  4. 3 Months interest guarantee

Multi-Family & Mixed-Use using Line of Credit:

  1. Multi Family: 5-20 units eligible with validated Multi-Family project experience
  2. Mixed Use: Eligible with validated Mixed-Use project experience.
  3. Property must be 75% residential square footage.
  4. Loan Amounts ≤ $1MM: 80% LTC / 70% LTV
  5. Loan Amounts > $1MM: 70% LTC / 70% LTV
  6. (Required DSCR hurdle of 1.30x.)

Fix & Flip Loans | Non Recourse under $1.5M | Fast Close

  1. Fix and Flip Program available:
  2. Rate as low as **7.99%**
  3. 12 month term
  4. Loan amounts up to $10mm
  5. Interest only payments
  6. Up to 90% of purchase and 100% of rehab costs
  7. No Prepayment Penalty
  8. Reimbursement Draw
  9. Close in 12-14 days (after full submission)
  10. Non Recourse under $1.5M

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