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If you have heard of “jumbo loans,” you might be wondering what exactly is a jumbo loan? Whereas traditional mortgage loans have limits per county, jumbo loans can greatly exceed the county limits. Jumbo loans are a powerful tool for high-net-worth individuals and/or well-qualified borrowers to obtain alternative financing where traditional lenders say “no,” by qualifying based on credit, income, and assets. 



A Stated Income Loan allows self-employed borrowers to qualify based on the amount of deposits into their bank account, where the cash flow is sufficient to cover the new mortgage payment and all other debts. Stated income loans were created for self employed buyers and homeowners that do not qualify for a home loan due to the low income on their tax returns.



Hard money loans are an alternative to traditional bank lending that allows flexibility and expediency. Hard money lenders and hard money loans are not required to conform to the same guidelines as traditional financing, such as the standardized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac underwriting guidelines for loans to be repackaged and sold on Wall Street. Put simply, a hard money loan is a loan that is secured by a “hard” asset – i.e., real property.



Fix-n-flips are a classic situation in which a hard money loan makes financial sense. In these situations, the loan is based on the after-renovated value. Once the property is finished being rehabbed, and realizes its full income-producing capacity (“stabilized”), the hard money loan can be paid off in 1 of 2 ways: sell the property, or refinance with a traditional lender now that the as-is value supports the loan.



Sometimes called “Investment property loans” or “rental loans,” no tax return investment property loans do not consider a borrower’s income in the traditional sense. The “cash flow” is just the monthly rental amount the property brings in. For example, a property renting for $2,000/month would be attributed a qualifying income of $2,000/month. The main requirement for these investment property loans is that the monthly rents cover the monthly expenses.



If you’re looking to purchase a home using the best California home loans, you will probably need to finance that home. Or if you already own a home you may want to refinance your current home loan to get a better rate, or to pull equity (cash) out of your home to renovate your kitchen. California home loans fall into 2 major categories: (1) Owner-occupied, and (2) Investment (non-owner occupied). There are many similarities between the two, but also some key differences



FHA loans are government-backed through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). They also allow for the smallest down payment of all loans, 3-3.5% or even no down payment when utilizing a down payment assistance program. While VA loans are government-backed loans through the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), and offer incredible rates and terms to veterans, active-duty military, reservists, and unmarried surviving spouses.



FHA loans are government-backed through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). They also allow for the smallest down payment of all loans, 3-3.5% or even no down payment when utilizing a down payment assistance program. While VA loans are government-backed loans through the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), and offer incredible rates and terms to veterans, active-duty military, reservists, and unmarried surviving spouses.

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Valor Lending offers an incredible array of Land Loans, Lot Loans & Construction Loans. Including Custom Homes, Spec Homes, Commercial Buildings of any type; Apartment Buildings, Office Buildings, Mixed Use Buildings, Self Storage Facilities, Medical Buildings, Hospitals, Industrial Buildings and many more



Top Ground Up Construction Loans. Are you looking to build you forever dream home? Where do you start? Let Valor Lending Group guide you thought the process to ensure the right loan for you. Valor Lending Group features the very Best California Ground Up Construction Loans. Whether you are seeking to build a custom home for your primary residence, a spec home to sell for a profit, or a commercial construction loan.



Finding the Best Commercial Mortgage Loan is in an entirely different category than residential lending. Commercial property loans are often vastly different than loans for residential properties. Although they both pertain to real property, and sometimes even income-producing property on the 1-4 unit residential side, commercial loans are simply more complicated than residential loans.


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Leon Oloya
Leon Oloya
June 28, 2022.
Loan officer Mike Bullard and the team at Valor Lending Group did an awesome job along EVERY step of my investment loan process. This excellent support and customer service went well above the prototypical support you would expect from a lender; support that you would only expect from a true partner. I was very impressed, and will be using them again in the near future!
Joy Howard
Joy Howard
June 28, 2022.
Working with Mike Bullard at Valor Lending Group made our purchasing process easy and efficient. His patience while we figured funding, paperwork and semantics was beyond appreciated, and needed. He was thorough, detailed and a real joy to work with. I will definitely be using Valor Lending Group for my future purchases.
Mitch Madison
Mitch Madison
June 23, 2022.
I worked with Hayden Madison around options for financing my rental property in TN. He hooked me up with a great cash-out DSCR loan where I got a fantastic rate and fast time to close. Fantastic communication with me along the journey for my first DSCR loan. Thank!
Brandon Amdahl
Brandon Amdahl
June 7, 2022.
They are very responsive and work hard to support borrowers through the process.
Paul Schumacher
Paul Schumacher
May 26, 2022.
Stefanie and Samantha were so amazing to work with and we've already been recommending them to anyone we know looking to buy a home! We had a complicated situation with us both being self employed, but Stefanie and Samantha were so helpful in talking us through all the options, explaining everything much more thoroughly than anyone else we talked to, and really helping us make the best decision for us. We'd recommend them to anyone looking for a loan, especially if you're self employed or need to explore several different types of loans! On top of everything, they were both two of the best communicators we dealt with in this entire home buying process! They always kept us in the loop, were upfront and clear about everything, and always sent us regular updates and confirmations so we were never wondering what was going on. Huge huge thanks to both Stefanie and Samantha!! (And Darren for being really helpful and great to talk to when we first called needing help!)
Vidal Aguilera
Vidal Aguilera
May 24, 2022.
Michael Bullard was very transparent and answered all my questions. He did exactly what I was asking for and was always easy to contact. I recommend Michael and Valor Lending to anyone looking to refinance their home or for any residential loan. We consolidated all our debt and in addition walked away with almost $100k to remodel our home. Thank you Mike and Valor!!!!
jeff britt
jeff britt
April 26, 2022.
I’m a returning customer with elation after my first experience with Valor Lending Group. I was utterly impressed with their expertise of strategies & programs targeting what others could not achieve for me and my business all the while displaying valued customer service skills with courteousness and patience, especially whenever I needed clarification or simply asking a series of questions. My sincerest recommendation particularly for the acute Licensed Loan Officers Stephan Prescher & Adam Lawrence who specializes in the provision of various quality Mortgage Loans, VA Home Loans, Jumbo Home Loans, Commercial Financing and more! Stephan & Adam work tenaciously with proficiency and efficiency scouring their resources for the best rates and terms to meet your needs including options to optimize your goal(s) all with a fast closing. I most definitely look forward returning to Valor Lending Group in the future!
Shawna Allen
Shawna Allen
March 20, 2022.
I had an Excellent experience with Stephanie. She was so helpful through the whole process and got the job done. Thank you Stephanie and would Love to work with you again.
Ray Ndidi
Ray Ndidi
March 16, 2022.
Working with Stefanie Prescher has been a blessing for me and my buyer. Stefanie assisted us in every way making it possible to sell my client's home and buy another property within this difficult selling market. We had a difficult seller & listing agent but with Stefanie's expertise we were able to navigate the different huddles and close at a good rate and in good time. I highly will encourage anyone looking to obtain mortgage loan to work with this trooper and great closer.
Peach SellsRealEstate
Peach SellsRealEstate
March 3, 2022.
Adam Lawrence killed it on helping us procure an investment property in Texas. He was always quick to get back to me, and had an answer for every question I had. He went over all the different loan programs available and helped me choose the right one. I highly recommend Adam from Valor Lending for all your lending needs.


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