Hard Money Loans in Most States


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Hard Money Loans in Most States

Valor Lending Group is still funding Hard Money Loans.




Your Options for Hard Money Loans:

Are you buying a new investment property?; or

Are you buying a new investment property and need to pull cash out of other real estate owned for the down payment?; or

Do you need cash out from a current property owned to pay off a business purpose?; or

Do you need cash out from a current investment property to improve that investment property?


Some hard money lenders have paused all loans until the market settles down, while others are  pulling back on leverages, and increasing minimum credit requirements. But we have hard money sources still funding!!

If you have a deal that is falling out, or just want to discuss options, we are here for you at Valor Lending Group.

Hard Money Loans in Most States

California Hard Money:

Up to 80% Max LTV Purchases & R/T Refis

*Max LTV on Cash Out — Case-by-case Basis

Nationwide Hard Money: 

Up to 75-80% Max LTV on Purchases & R/T Refis (state-by-state basis)

**Max LTV on Cash Out — Case-by-case Basis

Needs Quote (email Stefanie the following):

  1. Property Address:
  2. Purchase Price (for Purchase):
  3. “As is” Value:
  4. Current Balance (for Refinance):
  5. Rents (confirm if long term or short term Airbnb leases):
  6. Monthly Taxes and Insurance:
  7. Approx Credit Score:
  8. Vesting in and Entity or Individual name:

At Valor Lending Group we continue to keep a close eye on the pulse of the market. We are still funding Non-QM, Fannie/Freddie, FHA, VA, and other Government Loans, as well as hard money loans.

Let’s talk today to discuss how Valor can assist in the current market.

We are never too busy for your referrals!

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