Meet Michael Bullard

Michael Bullard
Business Development Manager
Valor Lending Group
“Pride in Lending”
Petco Park
Diamond View Tower
350 10th Ave – 10th Floor
San Diego, CA
Direct: (619) 723-8623
Office: (619) 344-2640
Fax: (619) 255-0602

Michael Bullard was born and raised in San Diego California. He went to Marian Catholic high school in the South Bay. Michael played college baseball at San Diego City College and at the University of California of San Bernardino. He did an internship with DaimlerChrysler services in Puerto Rico while attending the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan, where he studied international finance. Michael has 20 years of high-volume sales and finance experience with an excellent track record of customer service. He is a proud dad of two beautiful daughters and wanted a business opportunity where he can spend more time with his family and not have to travel as much for work. Michael lived in the San Francisco Bay area for five years and he’s extremely happy to be back home working in San Diego his hometown. Michael takes pride in his work ethic and his customer service is second to none.

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