Meet Samantha Patch

Samantha Patch
Business Development Manager
Valor Lending Group
“Pride in Lending”
Petco Park
Diamond View Tower
350 10th Ave – 10th Floor
San Diego, CA
Direct: (925) 596-4734
Office: (619) 344-2640
Fax: (619) 255-0602

Samantha is a young woman eager to join the Valor Lending team. She left her hometown of Hudsonville, Michigan in 2012 following her graduation from Grand Rapids Community College where she earned an Associates of Arts Degree. She settled in sunny Saint Petersburg, Florida where she met and married her wife Vanessa. In 2017 the pair set out for California in search of the endless opportunities the state had to offer. The San Francisco Bay area became her home for the next three years while she enjoyed a successful stint in the hospitality industry. In May of 2020, during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, Samantha and her wife relocated to Palm Springs where she is working to obtain her California Real Estate license with NMLS endorsement. She is looking forward to making the transition from hospitality to the mortgage lending business as she and her wife are excited to start a family in the near future. When Samantha isn’t busy with her studies and Valor Lending training, you can catch her playing with her dogs Virginia and Royce, enjoying a night on the town with her wife and friends, and taking advantage of all the beautiful hiking trails that the Coachella Valley has to offer. Samantha is looking forward to being able to travel freely as this is a large part of her family’s life enjoyment.

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