Best California Jumbo Loans


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Best California Jumbo Loans are available!

Our Best California Jumbo Loans are available at Valor Lending Group with varying options for qualification and up to $10,000,000We can provide the Best California Jumbo Loans for primary residences, second homes or investment properties.  In addition, we can provide different qualifying options depending on individualized scenarios. Some of our best California Jumbo Loans options are specific for the full document qualifier, while others are for the self-employed and real estate investors!

Check out the available options below!

The Full Document Borrower:

To begin, it is important to understand what a Jumbo Loan is. A jumbo loan is any loan over the county conforming loan limit (http://www.loanlimits.org/california/) . The first thing to consider are the documents required to qualify for a Jumbo loan. As a full-time employee, this should be a breeze to access. The only documents you need are 2 years of tax returns, 2 years of W-2’s and the most recent pay stubs. By providing that documentation, it would allow Valor Lending Group to provide the BEST opportunity to qualify for the most competitive terms across the market!  The most exciting part about our loan as a full document borrower, your down payment can be as little as 10%, with NO MORTGAGE INSURANCE!

The Self-Employed Borrower:

If you are a self-employed borrower and you are looking to buy a house with a jumbo loan, one of the best ways to qualify is with either your business or personal bank statement deposits! This is great news! There are NO TAX RETURNS or W-2s or even TAX RETURN TRANSCRIPTS needed! These loans are a fabulous option for the business owner that writes off a vast amount of their income as expenses on their tax returns to keep the income tax cost low.  By using a bank statement loan program, the self-employed borrower can qualify with as little as 10% down payment. One downside to consider are the higher rates due to the additional risk to the lender. The primary reason for the higher rate is because income is not verified through tax returns but this is still a great option for self-employed borrower who would otherwise have no option!

The Real Estate Investor Borrower:

We have not forgotten about the real estate investor!  As a real estate investor, it is imperative to have different funding options for your investment strategy and the choice that really makes the most sense to you.  At Valor Lending Group we have the flexibility to provide those options, specifically with our investment property loan options. The investment property loan is a program that is specific to the subject property being financed.  Qualifying for the investment property solely based on the cash flow of the subject property. Essentially, the are NO TAX RETURNS, NO BANK STATEMENT or INCOME QUALIFICATIONS TO CONSIDER! Let’s partner and fulfill your investment strategy!

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Please give me a call if you have any questions and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Valor Lending Group also offers literally every loan in the book! Please do not hesitate to call on me for any scenarios.  I look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate my prompt and professional service.

Recap of our Loan Products:

  1. Hard Money Loans (20% down / minimal documentation) Typically Fund in 7-10 days.
  2. Stated Income Loans (Great for business owners and self employed ) No tax returns!
  3. 100% financing is available (we can cross collateralize other properties if there is enough equity)
  4. Valor VA Home Loan 100% financing up to $1.5MM
  1. Rental Property Loan – No tax returns or DTI calculation! Based on subject property cash flow – No DSCR Coverage needed!
  2. Flipper & Rehab Loans (Flip a property with one of our many options)
  3. 2nd Position Loans up to $5mm
  4. Raw Land & Lot Loans
  5. Ground up Construction for spec homes, custom homes and commercial ground up.
  6. Farms, Vineyards, Ranches and Agricultural Properties (25-30% down)
  7. 5% down Jumbo’s with NO MI up to $2mm / 10% down up to $3mm
  8. Manufactured Housing / Mobile Homes (20% down / 600+ credit score)
  9. Acreage Properties
  10. Commercial Loans up to $500mm
  11. 3% & 5% down Conventional Loans– LPMI (Lender paid mortgage insurance)
  12. Foreign Nationals Loans (no social security or residency required)

We also offer:

  1. Conventional Conforming Loans (under $510,400)
  2. High Balance Conforming (from $510,400-$765,600)
  3. Jumbo Loan Financing to $10 Million / Super low rates! / 10% down Jumbo to $3mm
  4. FHA, USDA
  5. Reverse mortgages up to $1 Million Value
  6. Cash Out Refinancing

**Rates and terms subject to change without notice

If you are in San Diego, you can find us by searching fix and flip lender near me.